Vipassana Jaipur- 9 Things You Must Know About Dhamma Thali In Rajasthan

Are you looking for a Vipassana centre in Rajasthan to fulfill your dream of going on a silent meditation retreat?

Vipassana Jaipur centre is just the right place for you to begin your journey of meditation.

Dhamma Thali, meaning Place of Dhamma, is located amidst beautiful Aravali Hills away from the cacophony of the main city.

vipassana jaipur photo

It was the place where I had my first Vipassana experience that proved to be an eye-opening venture.

Vipassana literally means “to see things as they are”– it is a type of insight meditation where you get to know about true nature of reality.

During the process, you develop an attitude of equanimity and non-judgement that helps you lead a peaceful and happy life.

It is futile to understand Vipassana meditation with words alone (you can read: What is Vipassana Meditation). It is all about experiencing it firsthand.

And the PinkCity Jaipur happens to be a great place to learn about this ancient meditation technique. It is definitely among the best Vipassana centers in India.

But, before you visit Dhamma Giri, keep following things in mind to make sure you have reasonable expectations from the centre.

01. It is the second largest Vipassana centre after Dhamma Giri

This comes as a surprise to many as it was to me when I first came to know about it. Although being from Jaipur, I hardly researched other Vipassana centres in India when I went for my first Vipassana retreat.

Naturally, given the huge rush at Igatpuri meditation centre, Vipassana Jaipur offers a perfect alternative to it.

02. You’ll encounter lots of peacocks and monkeys in the premises

Amidst the pin drop silence in the premises during 10 days of silent meditation, your concentration will be sometimes broken by monkeys creating a ruckus over the rooftop of the main meditation hall.

picture of monkeys at vipassana jaipur meditation center

However, just like your monkey mind, you’d soon find it amusing to just observe instead of getting irritated or distracted.

03. Keep moth balls and disinfectants with you when you come here

This is one tip that is perhaps universally applicable to most Vipassana centres. Dhamma Thali meditation centre is surrounded by Aravali range.

While there is plenty of natural beauty, this automatically means there’ll also be small insects, spiders, and sometimes scorpions as well (my friend encountered one!).

So, better come prepared although the centre can also provide you the same if you ask them (only in writing since speaking is not allowed).

04. Registration at Vipassana Jaipur is normally an easy affair but still book in advance

Dhamma Thali Vipassana centre usually doesn’t face any rush of bookings. However, I’d still stay check out the schedule at least a couple of months in advance. Try to book your spot one month before the commencement of the course.

05. Dhamma Thali can accommodate 200 students comfortably

Vipassana Jaipur centre is spread across a huge area of 1.6 hectares. It has private rooms with attached bathroom facilities for over 200 students.

vipassana jaipur cottage area

If there is a rush, you may get a twin sharing room as well but only if it is your first Vipassana course. All old students get private rooms for minimum distractions to their meditation practice.

06. The 3-storied octagonal pagoda at Dhamma Thali is spectacular

During our course, one thing I eagerly looked forward to was meditating in single meditation cells in the Pagoda. The Pagoda boasts a unique blend of Burmese and Rajasthani architecture.

photo of main pagoda at dhamma thali jaipur

However, you won’t be allowed to enter there if you are suffering from cold or a cough. This is because even the sound of the water drop is magnified multiple times to echo inside the pagoda.

07. You cannot register for the course at the centre itself

While some Vipassana centres allow on-spot registrations, Vipassana Jaipur has strict policies in its rules against this practice.

You must always go for online registration but in a rare case when you don’t have access to the Internet, you can contact the following number for manual registration over the phone.

Vipassana Jaipur Registration: +91-9930117187

For other queries related to courses at Dhamma Thali, you can contact on +91-9610401401 in addition to the above number.

08. You get simple yet refreshing vegetarian meals

While reading Vipassana reviews, I often come across people who say the food at the centre was barely eatable and too simplistic for them.

However, firstly, the whole point of Vipassana is to give you an opportunity to live like a monk and accept anything you get for food and shelter while you meditate.

vipassana jaipur dining hall picture

Despite that, I found food at Vipassana Jaipur more than just eatable. I had enjoyed their breakfast almost every day with different menus.

Yes, the lunch used to be quite simple compared to breakfast but it was more than enough!

09. Don’t expect modern facilities at Dhamma Thali, Jaipur

Vipassana Jaipur centre is very well maintained but if you expect latest amenities, you are likely to be disappointed. Plus you have to clean your rooms yourself after the beginning of the program.

jaipur vipassana centre

However, stay assured that everything still exceeds the basic standards of hygiene and cleanliness. One can’t really expect anything more from a free meditation retreat!

Summing it Up:

Dhamma Thali Vipassana meditation centre is one of the best Vipassana centers you can visit in Rajasthan.

It is easy to reach from the main city as it is located at a distance of 12 Km from the main city and 0.5 Km from the popular GaltaJi temple.

However, keep in mind that the center comes before Galta Ji so make sure you visit from the opposite side of the temple via Sisodia Rani Bagh.

Meanwhile, if you happen to be in the Silicon Valley of India, you can also visit Vipassana Bangalore centre to learn this art of meditation.

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