You do or you do not. There is no try- Yoda
Meditation is something about which we all have heard at some point or the other. For some meditation is a daily practice to combat stress and seek peace and mental clarity from the daily chaos of their lives. For some meditation is the ultimate tool for self-knowledge or enlightenment.

But there is a majority of people for whom meditation is just a modern Mumbo-Jumbo based on eastern spirituality made popular by self-help gurus all over the world.

There are many who literally scoff and raise their eyebrows when someone mentions meditation and assume that sitting in a cross-legged position trying to empty one’s mind is futile, in fact, impossible.

May be they had tried doing so in past but could not see what the fuss is all about. Or they may just think the idea is plain absurd-

“Sitting while doing nothing when the rest of the world rushes past me? Have you gone nuts? “

You may belong to any of the above categories. But I believe if you are reading this page, there may be a part inside you which is just curious- what actually is meditation?

How does it help in bringing mental peace in a world where being stressed out is considered normal, even a status symbol? Are those medical and scientific research reports with numerous benefits of meditation true?

If yes, do I need to sport a beard or go to a guru/baba to practice meditation? What can I expect when I start a regular practice of meditation?

And most importantly, where do I start? I want to practice it but without any religious tone or nonsense mumbo-jumbo. What should I do? How do I incorporate the practice in my busy schedule?

Congratulations. You are at the right place. Doing Meditation is your ultimate blog on meditation that aims to answer all such queries and encourage you to actually do the practice, right here right now, for just having a glimpse into the actual practice.

And yea, at the same time, Doing Meditation will also dispel many of the myths and dogmas which are commonly associated with the practice of meditation- a simple practice which is independent of any religion, faith or society.

And you will find more information, tips, stories, etc. which may help you get started with a regular practice of meditation.

If not that, you can be assured to get reliable and authentic information about something which has a potential to transform your lives but is often misunderstood by many.

I hope you will find this blog very useful and informative. I look forward to your feedback about the content and most importantly, suggestions to improve or provide any information which you want related to this topic.

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