Vipassana Bangalore: Discovering Cheerfulness of Truth With Meditation

Did you know that there is a place near Bangalore where you can go on a 10-day silent meditation retreat?

Yes, that is true.

You can learn Vipassana Meditation in a free 10-day meditation retreat and have a break from your stressful daily life. Vipassana Bangalore called as Dhamma Paphulla is located 30 Km away from the main city Bangalore in a village called Alur.

vipassana bangalore

It is made on a 10-acre land and you can enjoy meditating in peace with farmland on one side and forestland on another side. Dhamma Paphulla literally means “Cheerfulness of Truth“. And rightly so, there can be nothing more relaxing and peaceful than the truth even if you find it hard to digest at first.

Why Vipassana Bangalore?

Vipassana Bangalore is one of the newest meditation centers in India. It has a main hall with a capacity of 100 people and two mini halls which can accommodate 30 people in each. You find one or two 10 day residential meditation courses every month at this vipassana meditation center.

But, you may want to ask, why should I go on a meditation retreat?

why vipassana meditation

Well, I ask you why not?

Haven’t you ever wanted to take a break that does not involve usual weekend parties or expensive travel vacations?

How about taking a break from the external world and spend some time with yourself?

Don’t you feel tired of that constant nagging voice at the back of your mind? Have you ever tried listening to it or simply become aware of it?

How long will you ignore the reality of your existence instead of listening to the world and other people?

Don’t you want to discover your real voice, your authentic self?

A silent meditation retreat can do wonders to your life and can give you a fresh perspective towards life.

Plus, this 10-day meditation retreat is totally free of cost including food and accommodation.

All you need is a commitment and resolve to spend 10 days in silence with only yourself without any contact with the external world.

Moreover, the Silicon Valley of India is a place where you will find many corporate professionals and startup guys who are working hard to make their dreams come true and propel India forwards.

You may be one of them or may surely anybody who is working day and night in Bengaluru, sometimes at the expense of their mental as well as physical health.

It’s up to you today to start making healthy choices. Not choices that are just healthy for your body, but healthy for your mind.

― Steve Maraboli

You can easily take care of your physical health, thanks to a number of fitness centers and gyms in the city but what about your stress and mental health and most importantly the truth about yourself?

Vipassana meditation is an ancient practice which can not only help you in relieving stress but also gain mental clarity and peace. And that is why going on a meditation retreat can be immensely beneficial to you.

Vipassana Bangalore Registration

You can register online for beginner 10-day meditation course at Vipassana Bangalore on the official website of Vipassana. Here you will also find the schedule of courses. Typically the beginner 10-day vipassana retreats happen twice every month.

Vipassana Bangalore Address

You can find Vipassana Center in Bangalore 30 Km from the main city. The detailed address is:
Tumkur Road, Alur, Karnataka 562123, India.
If you have any other queries, you can also contact this phone number: +91 88616 44284

Vipassana Bangalore Fees

All 10-day meditation retreats of SN Goenka Vipassana are totally free of cost. You can, however, donate any amount at the end of the course or even after some time.

However, nobody will ever ask you to pay anything at the center ever.

More than money, you only need a strong determination and willpower to go through the rigorous schedule at any Vipassana center, let alone of Bangalore.

If you live in Mumbai, you can also visit Igatpuri Vipassana center which is also the largest Vipassana center in the world!

I hope that you will find the strength within yourself to go through this incredible journey within yourself at Vipassana meditation retreat. Before going there, check these surprising facts about vipassana meditation.

Is there anything else you want to know about this meditation retreat in Bangalore? Have you ever been to this place of “Cheerfulness of truth”?

Share your experience or queries in the comments below.

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