8 Life-Changing Reasons Why Every 20-Something Must Meditate


“You are so much stronger than the world
has ever believed you could be.
The world is waiting for you
to set it on fire.
Trust in yourself
and burn.”

― Clementine von Radics

Becky has got a lot on her plate.

why millennials need to meditate

She has a job that pays well enough to sustain her but she feels no true happiness and satisfaction at work.

She parties hard with her friends on weekends trying to escape from her real life. 

Her relationship is always on a rock-and-roll as that connection seems to be missing.

On top of it all, she has her own dreams buried deep inside her heart, lost in the incessant chatter of her mind.

Does any of it sound familiar?

It is the story of millions of 20-something millennials who are told to grow up and behave like adults.

‘Follow your heart’ advice from self-help gurus no longer works for them. The perennial pressure from society to live up to its expectations make them the most stressed out generation of all times.

It’s time that stops and youngsters realize that there is nobody out there to follow except oneself. Becoming your own guru and listening to your inner voice will help you grow, unlike any other thing.

For that to meditation is an excellent habit that youth must develop if they want lasting peace, happiness, and satisfaction in their lives.

Here are 8 iron-clad reasons why every 20-something must meditate regularly for a better, fulfilled life:

01. To get comfortable with that “itch”

Every 20-something or millennials as they are often called want to do so many things.

We see a lot of opportunities, we realize we can be anything we want but somewhere we get lost in the vast ocean of expectations and reality.

Some try to numb that “itch” with alcohol while others forget it temporarily by partying their hearts out on weekends only to return to the dreaded busy Mondays.

Doing meditation helps them accept and get comfortable with that itch and do something about it instead of numbing it down with other activities!

They can realize they have got a choice, they always have. Experiencing that itch fully with mindfulness or any other meditation holds the key to the life of their dreams.

02. To get clarity

If one thing that is common to most millennials is a lack of clarity, be it of career or overall life purpose.

The society constantly bombards them with the information about what is right and wrong for them. There is a deep-seated sense of confusion in many youngsters where they are clueless about what they want to do with their lives.

youth meditation for clarity

Meditation can help them see through this confusion and listen to their inner voice.

Once they are able to silence the monkey mind influenced by society, they can begin to uncover their true guidance system of the heart.

That guidance system, more than often, leads them to a path unaccepted by the “sensible society” but it would never lead them astray.

03. To realize that living is much more than surviving

Living from paycheque to paycheque to just survive and pay bills is often a recipe for mediocre, average, & unexamined life.

Ask yourself, “Is this really how I want to live my life? Do I want to realize on my deathbed that I didn’t live up to my potential and could do so many things had I not been so worried and afraid?”

uncover greatness with meditation

Yes, living does require courage and risk to go after your dreams. And that is where meditation helps to develop that inner strength and faith required to turn your dreams into reality.

When you start doing meditation, you begin to discover that calmness and serenity. You begin to experience a presence and consciousness that always guides you in the right direction.

Most importantly, you begin to believe yourself and trust your ability and right to thrive and not just survive!

04. To be at peace with the world as a whole

Guaranteed there are many things wrong with this world. The world may think that millennials don’t care about it but we do care and get seriously disturbed at times by the state of things.

However, getting disturbed by it is not a concrete solution. Any change begins with acceptance of the present reality. Without complete acceptance and responsibility for the current situation, change is impossible.

meditation calm down teenagers

Meditation helps you attain that inner peace required to take constructive actions and truly make a difference to this world.

Unless we take the time to know ourselves, improve our inner world, and be at peace with the current state of the world, we cannot expect to make it better.

Remember, the world is a reflection of the inner self of people who make it up. Every change begins from within.

05. To channelise energy into productive actions

If you think meditation involves sitting and doing nothing, that is not true and one of the many misconceptions about meditation.

Meditation often leads to better decisions and actions true to your heart that yield desirable results.

Instead of squandering your energy into unproductive activities and worrisome thoughts, you begin to channelize that energy into positive actions towards your goals.

Meditation will help you control your mind and allow you to become its master instead of the other way round. It will help you see the tendency of the mind to overthink everything rather than taking actions right for you.

So, rather than following mindless impulses of a cluttered mind, you become mindful and conscious of activities where you direct your attention and spend energy.

06. To make better decisions and stop being afraid of wrong ones

Your life quality often depends on the quality of your decisions. Decisions made from a place of love and courage often lead to epic life whereas decisions made out of fear and playing it small lead to an average life.

A calm mind with a clear heart from meditation automatically leads to better decision-making capabilities. This the reason why many insanely successful celebrities do meditation and swear by the power of it on their lives.

Your 20s or 30s are the best time to develop this capability with a regular meditation habit. Meditation will not only help you make better decisions but also equip you with the ability to handle consequences of wrong ones.

Ultimately you’ll realize, no decision is wrong until you believe so!

07. To have the courage to take risks

Taking risks is crucial if you want to live a successful life true to your core values. I am not talking about reckless living abandoning everything.

Risks often involve a trust on your gut instinct and doing things that may seem unreasonable to most.

risk of happiness

It is about having that courage to venture into the unknown as that’s where miracles happen the most.

Transformation happens when your fear meets courage and you decide to go ahead.

A regular meditation habit gives you that inner courage to follow your heart despite your fear-based and people-pleasing ego telling you otherwise.

Meditation is the key to constant motivation from your divine inner guidance rather than from an over-the-top motivational speaker.

08. To become responsible for own life

Do you often put blame on your circumstances, family, or any XYZ external situation for your life? If you do, do you really think that would help?

You are giving away your power to external factors that would never help you get ahead in life.

youth meditation for success

Accepting responsibility for own life is scary, I understand that. It is so easy to put blame on others for your misery and failed endeavors.

Meditation will help you experience this fact and make you mentally strong to accept complete responsibility for your life. You’ll begin to take decisions that serve your higher purpose instead of other people telling you what to do with your life.

When you realize you are responsible for your life, initially you might be apprehensive and even more scared.

But slowly, you’ll begin to experience the freedom that comes with this responsibility. Freedom to create your life and live as you want without blaming anyone for your circumstances.

To Sum Up:

Most youngsters dismiss meditation as a practice for weirdos and related to religion and spirituality. But nothing is further from the truth.

Meditation is a scientifically proven practice that can not only help you cope with stress and anxiety but also create a fulfilled life.

In fact, meditation changes brain structure as well according to recent studies and you can also do meditation for losing weight!

The bottom line is there are plenty of benefits of meditation and you only need to begin the practice.

If you don’t know where to start, you can try this 2-minute mindfulness meditation or can even go for Vipassana meditation– an ancient technique of awareness meditation!

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