People Are Loving this Cat Meditation Video Featuring Hopelessly Cute Kittens

Let me be honest with you. I am not a huge fan of cat videos or cats as a matter of fact.

I know, I know. Cat lovers may not like that but they will definitely like this unique cat video. And it is not just your usual funny video but in fact, an online meditation class featuring rescue cats! This Karma Kitties Cat Meditation video is made by Blue Cross organization that is working towards health and happiness of pets.

Karma Kitties Cat Meditation

It is a 5 minutes video during which you get benefits of meditation as well as spend time watching some adorable kittens. In the beginning, you close your eyes and just relax your body by focusing on your breath.

After that, you open your eyes and follow the voice in the video and focus on cats on the screen. Well, no trouble so far!

Soon you are watching into the eyes of cats and listening to them purring. (Caution: lower down your headphone volume as you could be startled by the sudden purring sound.) Honestly, in the beginning, I found it to be bit creepy but again, as I told you, I am not a huge fan of cats!

This goes on for about 2-3 minutes when you are just lost among cats and kittens, following the voice and forgetting everything around you. Then, once again you close your eyes (bye bye cute cats! ) and focus on your body sensations from top to bottom.

The Karma Kitties cat meditation ends with following the breath and relaxing your body!

How was the Karma Kitties experience?

To be honest, I think the meditation video could be longer (see, I don’t actually hate cats!). Initially, I was bit amused. This is because the video starts with a usual guided meditation. Then suddenly, cats and kittens greet you on the screen. (Tip: watch the video in fullscreen).

If you are not a huge fan of cats like me, you may feel a bit creepy looking at those secretive eyes of kittens. But, the experience was a fun one.

However, most importantly, the purpose of this video was fulfilled in more ways than imaginable!

Firstly, the intention with which Blue Cross uploaded this Karma Kitties video is quite noble.  The video does a successful job in achieving that objective. The primary aim of Blue Cross is to raise awareness about rescue pets and how they are actually a part of the consciousness.

Looking at those cats and kittens in a deeply relaxed state do generate a feeling of unison with them. You feel empathy for them and other rescue pets in general. That is indeed a great way to raise awareness about saving rescue animals,

Secondly, no matter you accept it or not, like any other focused attention meditation, you do feel relaxed at the end of the video. It could be either due to watching adorable kittens especially if you are cat lovers or just because of the much-needed break from your thoughts!

Nevertheless, the video is going viral over the internet. Although just watching cat videos on YouTube can be a meditative experience for some people but intentionally combining meditation with cats in such manner is quite wonderful!

So, next time you are feeling stressed out at your office desk, try meditating with Karma Kittens! And if you are a cat lover, you do not need any reason to watch this video, right? You could even learn a thing or two about mindfulness meditation!

It is perhaps this power of meditation which has even led schools to replace detention with meditation! Don’t believe me? Check out the Robert Coleman school in Baltimore which replaced detention with meditation and the results were amazing!


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