‘F*ck That’ Is The Guided Meditation You Need When You Can’t Meditate

You just cannot bring yourself to meditate at times.

You simply cannot. Doesn’t matter if you have an experience of silent meditation retreat or not.

Has it happened to you? If you’re a millennial or 20-something like me, I bet it has!

After all, we are the most stressed out generation of all times not for nothing, right?

I was having one such day, trying to meditate and focus and come up with a kickass blog idea.

But that was only until moments ago.

Then I came across this honest meditation video by a gentleman called Jason Hadley.

After over 2 minutes of this epic guided meditation, all I can say is that sometimes all you need is a dose of profane humor mixed with mindfulness meditation guided by the soothing voice of Jason Hadley!

Ultimately, nothing can beat humor to diffuse your anxiety and stress.

Not even meditation.

But only as long as it is not an “honest f*ck that meditation” like this. Then meditation is all you need to let go of the horseshit of the external world.

Check it out for yourself. Thank me later in comments or hit me on Twitter and share your experience!

Just breathe in strength. Breathe out bullshit.

Thoooose bitches can’t get under your skin!

Happy meditating! Do not forget to share it with others on Facebook or Twitter!

If you wish to get bit (and only a bit) more serious about meditation, check out this simple way to do mindfulness meditation right now!

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